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BODY Body bleach and scrub we provide feels you like you have refreshed your skin before. We also specialize in giving various types of body massages, body polishing, body spa, body wrap and many more. BRIDAL Wedding is a physical, mental and spiritual harmony of two souls. It plays an important role in transferring the culture and civilization in various generations. We make your special day more special by providing you pre-bridal and bridal services suitable to your skin and make you feel relax to enter in the new phase of life. HAIR At Nandini Beauty Parlor, we provide you different Hair services and treatments for maintaining your hair and scalp in a better way. We also specailze in providing proper hair style suiting you and your special occasion. Our team of hair styling expert provide you proper conslutation for all kind of hair treatment and hair service. > FACE We provide a wide range of face and skin services. Our beauty artists hand you the perfect look to complement your individual style. We have premium products, glamarous color shades and expert hand to provide you better services. Our artists help you find a way to become a next style icon.OTHERS You see? It’s curious. Ted did figure it out – time travel. And when we get back, we gonna tell everyone. How it’s possible, how it’s done, what the dangers are. But then why fifty years in the future when the spacecraft encounters a black hole does the computer call it an ‘unknown entry event’? Why don’t they know? If they don’t know, that means we never told anyone. And if we never told anyone it means we never made it back. Hence we die down here. Just as a matter of deductive logic.